Vaasthu Deepam:

The trimvetvarate lord Brahma,Vishnu and Siva rests on the deepa. While Brahma is at the bottom; Vishnu is the middle, and lord Siva at top. So goes on the prayer

In Siva Purana Siva advises Parvathi Devi the serenity of lighting deepa as it gives one prolonged life, and it protects one from illness, sins and fear. The Indians are blessed with invention of somany types of lamps for other uses in the house like Lakshmi deepam, Navagraha deepam.etc.,

Coming to vaastu deepam it is the one devised for using in the Houses especially for eliminating the vaastu doshas and to bring peace, serenity to the house. The vaastu deepam forms an inevitable part of our pooja rooms. It not only is a symbol of divinity but also it offers ultimate peace, happiness and unforseene properity to due familiars by wiping away all the errors of house construction.

How to use:

Light the vaastu deepam for the first day on one Friday early morning with five wickks pouring puew ghee.

Vaastu deepam may be lighted either in the north east direction ( Eesana Cone) or south west (Nirithi Cone) facing East, with the head of tortoise at the bottm facing north.