Valampirisamkhu or dakshinavarthy samkhu is of much importance as far as Hindu pooja rituals are concerned. It plays a vital and pivatal role in Hindu houses to bring wealth as it is considered as Mahalakshmi.The legend of Valampirisamku goes on to the days of Palazhy Mathanam, because it was while palazhy-mathanam-that many inestimable values came-up like moon, Elephant,Iravatham, Goddess Mahalakshmi, Kalpavriksha, Viswasravas the white horse; Kamadhenu the white cow, Lotus and along with the most auspicious valampirisamkhu also. The sound of Valampirisamkhu is the Nadabrahma “OMKARA”, it is supposed that the placement of valampirisamkhu in the House brings even Mahalakshmi to the house. Do remember it is most liked by Mahavishnu also.

How to place:

Fill raw rice in a copper or brass pot and place the valampirisamkhu on it pointing the nob towards the image (Photo) of Lord Vishnu. Fill the valampirisamkhu daily either with milk or water and put basil (Thulasi)leaves in it. Daily change the water of milk. Drinking the filled milk or water after 36 minuts is ideal for curing of diseases.